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MacRitchie Reservoir
MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore
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The 100 Miles (finish within 32 hours) & 101km (finish under 22 hours) of the Craze Ultra 2018 are qualifying races for the 2019 Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run

General Info:


3-4 November 2018, Saturday to Sunday

Start/Flag-Off Times (choose from either one): 

1.  Saturday morning 3 Nov 2018

     - 7.00am: 100 Miles

     - 7.15am: 101km

     - 7.45am: 63km

     - 8.00am: 45km

2.  Saturday evening 3 Nov 2018

     - 5.00pm: 101km & 45km

Note: You may choose from 2 flag off times (morning or 5pm) for the 101km & 45km 

Finish/Cutoff Time: 

1500hrs (3.00pm) on Sunday 4 Nov 2018


  • Individual - 100 Miles / 101km / 63km / 45km


MacRitchie Reservoir

for further details:

Location Map

Terms and Conditions

Bring Your Own Cup/Flask/Bottle/Hydration Bladder

  • To reduce waste & for the sake of our planet/environment, the organiser WILL NOTbe providing any plastic disposable cups for participants and pacers.  Participants MUST use your own cups/flask/bottle/bladder.   
  • For 100 Miles & 101km participants who wish to have hot drinks such as coffee & milo at CP4 (Lorong Halus Wetland), please bring a cup/flask/bottle which can be used for hot liquid.
  • If you wish to have hot drinks such as coffee & milo at the Finish, please bring a cup/flask/bottle which can be used for hot liquid.

Health Condition

  • Your participation in this event is entirely at your own risk.  The organiser, the event's partners, contractors and involved parties will not be liable for any injuries sustained and/or death as a result of your participation in the Craze Ultra.
  • You may wish to undergo a medical examination to certify you are fit to participate in such an ultra endurance event.
  • You are required to declare your health condition when you register for the event using a PAR-Q(Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) as well as on event day.  
  • On event day, if you are unwell or display any signs/symptoms of being unwell, you will not be allowed to participate or continue with the event.  If necessary, medical aid will be rendered to you as soon as possible.
  • You must carry your medication (e.g. Asthma Inhaler) during the event, if any.

Route Hazards

  • Please stay on the footpaths & Park Connectors as there are no road closures for this event.
  • The only road you have to be on are Pasir Ris Farmway 2 & Pasir Ris Farmway 3, where you will need to be on the lane facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Please remain alert at all times to any uneven road surfaces, obstacles on the route, etc.
  • You are to take extreme care when crossing traffic junctions, pedestrian crossing, streets, etc.
  • Overtake the front participant only when it's safe to do so.  Do indicate your intention early.

Low Light Condition

  • You are advised to wear bright coloured clothing with reflective material to increase your own visibility to others.  
  • You may wish to attach a blinker light on your body/bag. 
  • You will be issued with glow in the dark wristbands to highlight your presence to other footpath & road users/vehicles.These wristbands are to be activated and used from 7pm on Saturday till Sunday 7am.
  • You must have a headlight or carry a handheld flashlight to aid in guiding you along darkly lit areas.


  • Maps of the route will be uploaded on the website.  Please download it to your phone/print it out to aid you.  The organiser will not be printing out hard copies of the maps.
  • If you think you are lost, please call the organiser immediately.  The contact number will be provided in the Event Guide which will be sent out via email as the event date gets closer.
  • Your Pacer can assist with directions.
  • If you do not "Check In" at the next Checkpoint within a reasonable time, we will contact you via your mobile phone to determine your status/location.  If we are unable to contact you, the Organiser will organise a "Search Party" to locate you.

Lightning/Adverse Weather

  • The Start will be delayed in the event of lightning or adverse weather.
  • If lightning or adverse weather occurs during the event, please take shelter at the nearest location, e.g. huts/shelters/buildings/petrol stations/checkpoints and continue only when it's safe to do so.


  • Please have sufficient sleep (7-8 hours continuous) starting 1 week prior to the event to reduce chances of fatigue.
  • Please take a rest if you feel fatigue/sleepy during the event.  Continue only if you are alert.


  • Participants MUST carry a hydration bag and/or bottle with sufficient capacity to last 15km.
  • Checkpoints (CPs) are located about up to 15km apart (please refer to above CP details), and are stocked with water, sports drink, bananas, watermelon & other food items as shown earlier.
  • Carrying some food is highly recommended.
  • Bring cash along for emergency.  There are shops/petrol stations along the route where you can purchase food/drinks.
  • Do make use of the Special Needs Bag which you can place at any CP to store your nutrition needs.

Injuries & Emergency

  • Professional Ambulance service with staff certified to perform CPR, AED & First Aid will be on standby throughout the event to render medical aid to any participant/volunteer in need.  They will be on standby either at the Checkpoints and/or at strategic locations which allow quick access to various locations along the route.  The Organiser will have direct contact with the Medical team.
  • In the event of an emergency, please contact the Organiser (the contact number will be provided in the Event Guide which will be sent closer to the event date) and provide the following information:
    • Location (Park Connector/Road/Landmark/etc)
    • Name/Bib Number of yourself or the injured party
    • Signs/Symptoms
    • Any other relevant information
  • The Medical Team will respond as soon as possible to the location if you are not at the Checkpoint.
  • If you are with someone who is injured, please stay with the casualty until help arrives.
  • Do not attempt to move the participant unless he/she is in a dangerous position.
  • If necessary, please use the whistle to alert passers-by/fellow participants & get their assistance.
  • Please carry a simple First Aid kit with you throughout the event, e.g. Plaster
  • Your Emergency Contact Person will be contacted if you are sent to the hospital.

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