How much does it cost to sell at Ticket2U?

With a ZERO setup fee, as well as great service and support for all your needs, you get the best value when you sell your tickets via Ticket2U!

1. What's FREE by using Ticket2U?

ZERO Setup Fee

FREE E-Ticket + QR Code for buyer in PDF, Email and SMS

FREE use of Advanced Settings (Promo Code, Discount Period and Capacity, Affiliates, Flexible Form, Seating Chart, Seat Holding, Live Reporting)

FREE Hotline, Livechat, WhatsApp, and Email Support

FREE Offline Registration / Manual Key-In (E-Ticket, QR Code, Email, and SMS provided)

NO EXTRA charges on Local Bank Transfer, Internet Banking, E-Wallets, Credit Card or Debit Card

UNLIMITED USAGE of Ticket2U Organiser App & Ticket2U Check-In Manager (QR Code Scan Check-In, Claim System, Participant and Ticket Summary, Offline Mode)

Note: Ad-hoc notification of Email, SMS and WhatsApp subject to additional charges.

2. Ticket2U Charges (4.2% + SGD0.99)

2.1. Absorb Fee (Organiser absorb charges. Buyer pay ticket price exactly)

Note: 4.2% + SGD0.99 per ticket sold (lowest in market). For more information, please contact us.

3. Ticket2U Payout

3.1. Monthly Payout (Cut-off from the first month 16th to second month 15th. Payout will be at 28th every month)

3.2. After Event Payout (After event ended within 7 - 14 days)

3.3. Ad-hoc Request (1 week after request and amount must be more than $10,000)

3.4. Direct Payout (Only for Exclusive Sub-Account Merchant)

Note: Default payout will be after event 7 days. To enroll with our monthly payout, you are required to sign a standard agreement with us.

4. Payment Processing Options

4.1. eNETS - Cashless Payments

4.2. Credit Card Payment (Accept VISA and Mastercards)

4.3. Debit Card Payment (Accept ATM Cards from Malaysia)

4.4. E-Wallets Payment (Accept GrabPay, AliPay, WeChatPay)

Note: All payment options all automatically applied for buyer to checkout. No processing fee imposed to any party.

5. Ticket2U Check-In / Claim System

5.1. Ticket2U Check-In Manager - iOS, Android & Huawei (Free Download, Free Usage, Unlimited Scan)

5.2. Ticket2U Desktop / Handheld Scanner Rental (Contact us for more information - 4 hours, Min. 2 devices)

5.3. Ticket2U Exhibition Kiosk Rental (Contact us for more information)

5.4. Ticket2U Lead Scanner (Contact us for more information)

5.5. Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In (Contact us for more information)

5.6. Ticket2U Crew (Contact us for more information - 4 hours)

Note: For more information regarding lucky draw system, table management, WhatsApp invitation, custom modification, seating chart setting, please contact us.

6. Ticket2U Interactive Event Management System

6.1. Lucky Draw System (Numbered or Name Lucky Draw, based on checked-in participants)

6.2. Treasure Hunt System (Eg, Hunt QR Codes during event)

6.3. Pre and Post Survey Form (Contact us for more information)

6.4. Live Questionaire and Polling System (Contact us for more information)

6.5. FaceCount 1.0 - Attendees AI Statistic (Contact us for more information)

6.6. Ticket2U Theme Park Management System (Contact us for more information)

6.7. Ticket2U Facial Photo Finder (Contact us for more information)

6.8. Business Matching App (Contact us for more information)

6.9. Ticket2U Webinar (Contact us for more information)

6.9. Ticket2U Webinar (Contact us for more information)

T & C Applied : All above are limited to Terms & Conditions applied as different event may subject to additional requirement and services. Official agreement will be provided.

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