{{$t("How to submit virtual run result?")}}

{{$t("Purchased a virtual run ticket and need to submit your result? Here’s how.")}}

1. {{$t("Check and remember your ticket number.")}}

{{$t("Your ticket number are available on your purchased event ticket in pdf format.")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("Only applicable for virtual run ticket.")}}

2. {{$t("Go to event page.")}}

{{$t("Search for the event where your have purchased the ticket.")}}

3. {{$t("Scroll to the bottom of the event page and you will see Virtual Run Result Upload.")}}

{{$t("Scroll to the bottom and you will see Virtual Run Result Upload. Click and upload your prove, and insert necessary information.")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("You can always upload until you reach 100% progress. Organiser will see the same result to make sure you have finished the run. Download Ticket2U App to upload is easier and faster.")}}