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National Stadium
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The Stadion was the race run in Ancient Greece named after the storied stadium it took place in. It was an original Olympic Game. Stadion became the Latin word “Stadium” which is now the English word for where we celebrate the peak of athletic achievement. So, Spartan is going back to the starting line. Everyone is welcome to join, especially beginners. All athletes deserve the to feel the rush of biggest stage and to know what it feels like to play in the places usually reserved for professionals. Because each and every athlete, no matter how accomplished, had to start somewhere.

Bringing the adrenaline of a Spartan race to the awesome spectacle of a stadium, Stadion is a 5km, 20-obstacle race that offers a fresh challenge for new and season racers alike. Throwing a number of exciting and unfamiliar obstacles in your path, racers will get the opportunity to experience a Spartan race on the same ground that legends tread.

Good news for those of you who are worried about failing an obstacle: we've halved the penalty burpees from 30 to 15. Now you've got no excuse not to #SpartanUp!

Join us in making history for the world's first ever Stadion race! Sign up now:

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