Ticket2U E-Certificate Solution

Product News & Tips| 26 Jun 2020

Ticket2U E-Certificate Solution

E-Certification not only expands your skill and knowledge but also makes your portfolio more attractive. Be it a professional event, fun event or donation campaign, E-Certificate are something meaningful to award to all the attendees for their contribution. Ticket2U E-Certificate Solution help all event organiser and attendees in making all these digitally solved, awarded with Name printed automatically, delivery and download digitally with simple clicks.

How Attendees download E-Certificate?

  1. Go to your event page at Ticket2U
  2. Click on E-Certificate button on top of event page (Figure 1)
  3. Insert your E-Ticket Number (Figure 2)

 Figure 1

 Figure 2

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How it does it work for Event Organiser?

  1. Host your event in Ticket2U
  2. Provide us your E-Certificate design (We accept multiple variant, ticket type, category too)
  3. Set your requirement to public to redeem. (Right After Donate? After Verified? Right After you set any settings of Check-In, Check-Out, or Claim Status)

How your E-Certificate should look like?

Ticket2U E-Certificates

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