Ticket2U deployed Facial Gate Entry for ESCAPE PJ Theme Park

Event Tech| 30 Mar 2021


Ticket2U has deployed it's facial recognition system at Paradigm Mall, ESCAPE Petaling Jaya. A one-stop theme park management system from ticketing to QR E-Ticket check-in, and now added Facial Recognition Check-In and Re-Entry for park's visitors.

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First in Malaysia. Not a test! Up and running

With integrated online ticketing and re-entry registration on ESCAPE Petaling Jaya Theme Park, Paradigm Mall, this could be first in Malaysia and made by Malaysian company, who pioneer in online ticketing and check-in system, Ticket2U. Ticket2U started it's Facial Recognition Research & Development since 2019 to replace it's famous QR E-Ticket check-in used by millions in Malaysia and Singapore.

ESCAPE PJ - Innovative and Convenient

At ESCAPE PJ, the management are always looking for innovative and convenient ways for their theme park visitors to walk in and out the park easily, secured and importantly, queue-less.

No need to buy specific hardware. Just iPad, Phone, Tablets, Laptop, or PC

What? Most people will think facial recognition are expensive with hardware and software installation. Ticket2U has break these to make everything cheap, affordable and secured with AI and IoT technology to deploy easily with any devices you have! Our facial recognition runs on browsers! No installation needed. Of course, if you need to deploy on your turnstile gate, we are able to integrated it with only few hundreds add-on for the accessories to connect thru!

More Features Coming

Adopting facial recognition check-in for theme park are only the first baby step. More features are in building with integrated facial recognition will be rolling out soon. Stay tuned!

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