Wheel of Fortune

Event Tech| 22 Sep 2020

A digital wheel of fortune, fast setup within minutes, any slices, touch enable, banners at side, background and logo customizable and best use for outlets and events.

Looking for Digital Wheel of Fortune?

We got you! Easy, simple and fast setup. The best tools to play on your iPad, smart phone or computers for your guest, participants to enjoy the excitement and importantly, you do not need to hand made one anymore!

Try our samples

1. Wheel 1 (Wheel Only)

2. Wheel 2 (Wheel with Side Banners)

Sample 1 without side banners

Sample 2 with side banners


Yes you are allow to customise your wheel of fortune with logo change, background, banners, and slices options from 8, 10, 12, 32 and more. Minor changes will not incur any cost of charges but major changes that required structures changes may result in man-day charges. What? Don't worry, you will be definitely affordable which only RM300 (limited offer) per wheel for one! What are you waiting for!

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