We Automate Check-In Process with Queue-less Check-In Counter

Product News & Tips| 07 Aug 2020

Various check-in method and solutions provided by Ticket2U to ease the process of participants registration. Proven solutions provided from hundreds of events and millions of participants with queue-less, paper-less and effort-less experience using our Check-In Counter. Suitable for any event check-in such as in seminars, conferences, exhibitions, race-kit collection, gala dinners, concerts and many more.

Various Check-In Solutions

Ticket2U recognised as the pioneer in event technology provider in Malaysia. We provide various technology for different kind of events check-in from small to large scale event, from hundreds to ten over thousands participants with no single failure event ever happen.

  1. Mobile App Check-In (Ticket2U Check-In Manager)
  2. Desktop Check-In Counter
  3. Kiosk Check-In

In this article, we will focus on Desktop Check-In Counter.

Desktop Check-In Counter

This is the best solutions for most events as all the equipment provided are portable, detachable, and linkable. We are able to setup these counters anytime anywhere. We have been setting up almost everyday in almost every states of Malaysia including East Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

How it work?

Event check-in nowadays must meet below basic requirements

  1. E-Ticket, E-Invitation
  2. Paper-less
  3. Queue-less
  4. Seem-less Integration
  5. Automate
  6. if can, Crew-less. With Ticket2U Check-In Solutions, you can hire 90%-100% lesser crew on your registration counter.

Largest Check-In Equipment Providers for Event Check-In in Malaysia

Ticket2U are the largest check-in provider in Malaysia who we able to handle 4 to 6 events in a day. We have continuous providing our solutions for events in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia without a single failed event. Our solutions and services are proven from years, backup plans for every event regardless it's small of large, from Offline Server, Offline App, Offline Print, Offline Scan, or any ad-hoc happen prevention to avoid any minutes downtime. All you need id to trust us and we will provide you worry-free check-in solutions and you will never failed your guest anymore!

What it do?

When things goes digitally, everything is about big data, system and automate. These are the things that our solutions will do

  1. E-Invitation (Read more about E-Invitation - Gala Dinner)
  2. QR Code / Facial Scan (Read more about QR Code)
  3. Check-In Status, Claim Status, Check-Out Status
  4. Instant Print Badges, Stickers, Wristbands, RFID, Tags
  5. Live Capacity Counters
  6. Automate Integrated Lucky Draw for Check-In Guess (Read more about Lucky Draw System)
  7. Automate Integrated Survey and Polling System
  8. Reporting and Statistics

We have done for more than 100+ a year. Let's watch some of our videos.

For full video channel, please check it out here.

Gala Dinners Sample

Race-pack Collection Sample

Seminars / Conference Sample

More Concerts, Exhibitions and Events Check-In Counter sample at Ticket2U Youtube Channel.

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