Ticket2U auto generated Secured QR Code E-Ticket

Product News & Tips| 25 Jul 2020

Since inception, Ticket2U has generated millions of Secured QR Code E-Ticket for ten over thousands of public and private events. Secured QR Code E-Ticket is not a rocket-science technology. With the hard-work done by TIcket2U throughout the years in Malaysia, it's now become a norm and almost every Malaysian know how to check-in event with QR Code on their E-Ticket, Mobile, hard-copy printed or badges.

How to create a Secured QR Code E-Ticket

You have nothing to learn on how to create it. With Ticket2U, it's all generated automatically once your event setup with Ticket2U. From participant registration or purchases happened, we generate and deliver your Secured Encrypted QR Code E-Ticket to your participant instantly.

Ways on delivery on Ticket2U Encrypted QR Code E-Ticket

There are several ways can delivery your Secured QR Code E-Ticket to your participant.

  1. Upon successful registration / purchases made
  2. Email reminders / notification
  3. SMS reminder / notification
  4. WhatsApp reminder / notification
  5. Login to Ticket2U and check on My Ticket History at top right menu
  6. Ticket2U App
  7. QR Badges printed during Event Check-In such as Badges, Wristband, Hard Ticket, Sticker, Paper

Go to My Ticket History at top right menu to find all your e-tickets available.

Screenshot above shows sample QR Code E-Ticket generated automatically.

Compatible with Gate Access, Gate Scan, Mobile App Scan, Terminal Check-In and more

Ticket2U Secured Encrypted QR Code E-Ticket are compatible with various event check-in usage from small to large scale, from hundreds to over ten thousands check-in, as well as been widely use for theme parks and hotel check-in.

Why using QR Code E-Ticket?

  1. Eco friendly. Paper-less
  2. Access anytime, anywhere
  3. Unique and Encrypted
  4. Fast Check-In process. Queue-less Check-In
  5. Works for any events, theme parks, venue

QR E-Ticket uses as E-Invitation

Secured QR E-Ticket are widely used for E-Invitation as well to any kind of events such as seminars, conferences, gala dinners, awards night, annual dinners, exhibitions, theme park and more. It's handy, electronics delivery and interactive.

QR E-Ticket for Event Check-In to ensure Queue-less experience

QR E-Ticket for event check-in are proven fastest check-in experiences for more than thousands of event organiser and millions of participants who love it. Ticket2U has never failed a single client or event in handling small to large event check-in from hundreds to thousands. Everything is about efficiency and technology we have.

What does it cost?

There is no additional cost for generating a QR Code E-Ticket for your participant. There is no additional cost to scan check-in your participant to your event using Ticket2U Check-In Manager.

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