How to Use Ticket2U Lead Scan Manager App

Product News & Tips| 26 May 2022
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Search “Ticket2U Lead  Manager” on the Google PLAY Store OR APPLE APP Store.

Step 1: Login >> Select Event

Read the Instruction:

Step 2: SCAN QR (Visitor’s Badge) >> Add remarks >> AND SAVE it (Before scan the next leads)

1. Add Remarks after the visitor's QR.
2. Add Remarks(OPTIONAL): i.e. Make Appointment/Interest on Product & Services/Issue Quotation/Follow up, etc
3. SAVE it (Before scan the next leads). Make sure you "SAVED" on every scanned.

HISTORY: View Last 20 Scan & SAVED data.
*Note: IF you not "SAVED" the data, it wont reflect on the HISTORY. 

REPORT: Lead Scan Report will email to your registered email. 
NOTE: You must click “Report” on Ticket2U Lead Manager App to receive your report in excel file.

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