Ticket2U Digital Lucky Draw System

Product News & Tips| 10 Jul 2020

Ticket2U Digital Lucky Draw System

Lucky Draw had never been so easy after Ticket2U integrated big data from Registration, to Invitation, to Check-In and automate enroll into Lucky Draw session without more efforts to organise your wonderful event and present your guest a big surprises!

 Ticket2U Lucky Draw System


Types of Digital Lucky Draw

At Ticket2U, we provide two type of standard lucky draw system to accommodate your event requirement. We will explain the different between these two lucky draw and which best suit for your event.

  1. Numbered Lucky Draw
  2. Name / Contact Flip Lucky Draw

1. Numbered Lucky Draw

Numbered Lucky Draw by default and most popular are designed with 4 digit numbers. Revealing each number one at a time will make all participants feels the excitement if the number are close to them. Lucky Draw number can be generated once participants perform check-in on the event day, or thru E-Invitation, or by any pre-fix id required.

 Sample Numbered Lucky Draw for TIME event.

Sample Numbered Lucky Draw for Majestic Travel Group event.

2. Name / Contact Flip Lucky Draw

Name / Contact Flip Lucky Draw can reveal the participants name or contact, or anything that recognisable to inform them that they won. This can be easily enrolled by whoever performed checked-in during the event. You may let us know which information to flip on the screen. No duplication will ever happen once the winner had won.

Sample Name / Contact Flip Lucky Draw for Lazada event.

Sample Name / Contact Flip Lucky Draw for 3M event.

Sample Name / Contact Flip Lucky Draw played by PM Dato Sri Najib Razak.

How to execute the drawing?

It's pretty simple to execute the drawing or checking the result of draws. On the website, just press the GO button on the bottom left. Or, using our controller that open at any smart phone with internet connection, sample at below

 Bottom Left > GO

 Lucky Draw Controller

Serve more than 100+ corporate events on-ground annually

Ticket2U are not only serving online registration and ticketing, but ventured into event technology and now become pioneer of event technology provider in Malaysia and Singapore. With our one-stop solutions that never failed a single event and served more than ten thousands of events online and hundreds of on-ground event offline, this have proven our solutions are well-known and being the first choice of all event organiser who wanted to make a successful event for themselves or client. View our video footages of our client events at Ticket2U Youtube Channel.

Scenarios using Ticket2U Lucky Draw on event

  1. Import / Registration > E-Invitation > Check-In > Print Lucky Number > Enrolled into Lucky Draw
  2. Import / Registration > E-Invitation with Lucky Number / Name > Check-In > Enrolled into Lucky Draw
  3. Import / Registration > E-Ticket > Enrolled into Lucky Draw

New launched Ticket2U Wheel of Fortune!

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