Ticket2U Virtual Run Solution

Product News & Tips| 26 Jun 2020

Ticket2U Virtual Run Solution

Organising a Virtual Run (VR) are not just simply setting up a ticketing selling page. It is as professional as on-ground event which required professional digital tools to make it successful and leave a good impression to the participants on your event and company branding.

Result Uploader

Result upload are the first important feature needed to organise a virtual run event. Proudly to announce that Ticket2U are the first and the only platform equipped with this feature and make everyone life easier, for runner to easily submit their result anytime anywhere, and for event organiser to track participants who finished their progress. After all, event organiser can proceed for medal and t-shirt shipping using our Shipping Tracking and Claim System for the logistic update just like any e-commerce delivery settings, simple, fast and easy to manage.

Submit Virtual Run Result

Screenshot above shows how participant can easily find their ways to upload their virtual run result, track their shipping and redeem their e-certificates with name auto-filled with their E-Ticket Number.

 Figure 1. Upload A New Result

 Figure 2. Upload VR Result

  1. Go to the event page that you participated in Ticket2U.
  2. Find Upload Virtual Run Result button available on top of the event page
  3. Click on Upload Run Results button
  4. Insert your E-Ticket Number that sent to you once you registered the event. You will received an email confirmation with E-Ticket attached after you purchased your virtual run entry.
  5. Now your Upload A New Result. Refer Figure 1.
  6. Upload your screenshot of your running proved, insert your distance then submit. If you have completed your distance, system will show 100% and hooray! The event organiser will get notify and send you the medal + t-shirt!

Virtual Run Ticket Settings for Event Organiser

In this section will explain on the initial setting to convert your ordinary event ticket to Virtual Run ticket. If you are unable to access this setting or needed help from us, please contact your dedicated event coordinator.

Go to your event, Edit > Ticket Settings an choose your ticket type, then Edit.

Above screenshot shows how you can modify your ticket into a Virtual Run ticket. Once your ticket been set to Virtual Run ticket, everything will be automatically set including Result Uploader and reporting to be enable.

Virtual Run Reporting + Progress Tracking for Event Organiser

In this section, we will explain how the event organiser can simply and easily track each of every runners progress with our reporting and tools available without any extra cost needed.

Go to your event Dashboard and you will find Virtual Run Report appear under Ticket Management section.

Screenshot above shows how the event organiser can easily filter and track which runner has completed the run and perform their backend verification on runner progress and result uploaded. Once the event organiser has confirmed to award the runner of their completion, click on the Participant Info to update.

Virtual Run Shipping Tracking + Claim Update

Virtual Run are just same as real run, runner gets to be awarded medal + t-shirt (if any as agreed upon purchasing the ticket). In Virtual Run, we need to ship out the merchandise just like any e-commerce solution with logistic tracking number. Yes! Ticket2U are equipped with all these with click to make everyone life easy. Ticket2U Shipping Tracking + Claim Update manual will be available at our upcoming article. Thank you.

Summary of Ticket2U Virtual Run Solution that benefits you

  1. 24/7 Online.
  2. Simple and ZERO Cost setup.
  3. Runners can easily upload their result prove.
  4. Seller can easily track runner progress and perform checking.
  5. Reach high volume of active users and audiences.
  6. Accept any payment gateways, credit cards, debit cards, online banking, e-wallets.
  7. Promo Code, Affiliates Links, Track Conversions - Ready Marketing Tools
  8. Racepack Claim / Shipping Management ready

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